Those were the days… and in Montana, so are these.

Leave the race behind and turn your focus to a timeless place of limitless possibility. Savor the beauty, breathe deeply. Paradise is a home address, and we invite you to find yours now.


The communities of Northwest Montana’s Flathead Valley offer something for everyone. Explore a little and find your piece of paradise:


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Yesterday, we observed a fascinating phenomenon at Waterton Lake near Goat Haunt. Many tens of thousands of ladybugs were congregated on the debris along the drift line on the lake shore. It turns out they are Convergent Ladybugs looking for a hibernation location for the winter. These are commonly found congregating near mountain summits in the summer, possibly to avoid predators. Following a late summer or fall coldsnap (which I can vouch we had Thursday night), they re-locate to lower elevations to hibernate for the winter, often in leaf litter. When one or more find a suitable location, they send off a pheromone that attracts more ladybeetles to join them. As you can see, it works. Locals say they have seen this from time to time before, and it only lasts a few days before the bears take advantage of the situation and lick many of them off the shoreline. But there is safety in numbers, and at least some will survive to lay eggs next spring. -Ranger Tara

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Annie Oakley shooting over her shoulder using a hand mirror, 1888. follow us for more historical pictures >> Old Photo Archive

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