Those were the days… and in Montana, so are these.

Leave the race behind and turn your focus to a timeless place of limitless possibility. Savor the beauty, breathe deeply. Paradise is a home address, and we invite you to find yours now.


The communities of Northwest Montana’s Flathead Valley offer something for everyone. Explore a little and find your piece of paradise:


GOODBYE FIRES! Montana is turning white in the higher elevations. Multiple DOT cameras across the state are showing snow and lot's of it. The fire and smoke that has plagued the state is effectively over. Winter storm warnings remain in effect for most of these locations until Saturday morning. Drive safe! #mtsnow #conquerthestorm ...

A little something cool in this burning season...

(Rogers Pass)

Forecast is calling for a low of 27F and snow on Rogers Pass this Friday night! Cold weather can’t come soon enough this year as the Alice Creek Fire continues to burn a short distance from the pass. Did you know that Rogers Pass holds the record for lowest recorded temperature in the Lower 48? During January 1954 a mining camp nearby recorded a bone chilling 70 degrees below zero. Photo courtesy of Google Maps

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Fun fact: Montana is the only state with river systems that empty into the Hudson Bay, Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Do you have scenic Montana photos? Share them with us in a private message and we will feature them every Monday. Be sure to tell us where you are!

Not to be missed!