Those were the days… and in Montana, so are these.

Leave the race behind and turn your focus to a timeless place of limitless possibility. Savor the beauty, breathe deeply. Paradise is a home address, and we invite you to find yours now.


The communities of Northwest Montana’s Flathead Valley offer something for everyone. Explore a little and find your piece of paradise:


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Hitting a little white ball across luscious green fairways at Whitefish Lake Golf Course is one of the sweet summer experiences here. #golfwhitefish

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The Milky Way Galaxy with green airglow over the Flathead. Amazingly I took this just a few miles outside of Kalispell's City Limits. Its becoming increasingly harder to find area's with little to no light pollution as populations increase. Thankfully there's still some dark skies close to home that allow for views similar to this. I was very impressed actually with some spots that were as dark as wilderness area's literally a few miles from the cities in the Flathead. But definitely becoming harder to find. For those that don't know about airglow, I'll give a definition below. Airglow (also called nightglow) is a faint emission of light by a planetary atmosphere. In the case of Earth's atmosphere, this optical phenomenon causes the night sky never to be completely dark, even after the effects of starlight and diffused sunlight from the far side are removed.

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