Those were the days… and in Montana, so are these.

Leave the race behind and turn your focus to a timeless place of limitless possibility. Savor the beauty, breathe deeply. Paradise is a home address, and we invite you to find yours now.


The communities of Northwest Montana’s Flathead Valley offer something for everyone. Explore a little and find your piece of paradise:


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With the mercury on the rise, I couldn't resist heading down the eastern shore of Flathead Lake to find some sweet treats and cooler temps. On a whim, I pulled into the Kuntz Family Farm and was greeted by Sandy Kuntz, the sweetest cherry grower around. The views of Flathead Lake, shade of trees ladened with cherries, and delightful conversation with my host made it incredibly difficult to leave. I'm already scheming on how I can call their guest cottage my home. — with Sheena Pate and 2 others.

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Glacier at night can be a magical place. There are nights when you can see by starlight alone. Last night at Logan Pass was one. (bh)

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Check out photos from The Event at Rebecca Farm

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It's a perfect summer morning at the Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge.

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This storm just passed over us at Flathead Lake, Big Arm State Park. lots of hail!

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eatindeatonsOur clients, family and friends know we love to eat.

Restaurants, cafes, food fairs, wine tastings, brewery tours… count us in! In the coming months we’ll be sharing with you our food adventures, of which there are many to be had here in Montana’s Flathead Valley.